Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to stay engaged with the association?

Most of our internal communication takes place on Slack (; Registration). This is where you can make inquiries about the work of our working groups. For public meetups and other announcements, check out our Twitter.

How to become a member?

Bundesblock represents the interests of the entire blockchain community in Germany. You can join as a company or institution - the three most important conditions for a membership are:
- The core activity of your company / institution is primarily based on blockchain,
- You are willing and able to make a positive contribution to achieving the purpose of the association,
- Your membership application is supported by an existing member.

I’m doing research on the topic of blockchain in Germany (bachelor, master, PhD) and need expert input on the matter. How do I get in touch?

Please refer to our Slack (; Registration) – make an inquiry stating your particular field of research in the #general channel.

Couldn't find the answer?

For further questions about the association, please refer to the dedicated FAQ channel on our Slack (; Registration).